Rental Subaru Outbacks in Bozeman

Rent the most capable small All-Wheel-Drive SUV made today

  • Fits 4-Full sized adults(or 5-not-so-big people)
  • Wagon design allows for ample cargo space (seats also fold flat).
  • 33-mpg on the highway!
  • Configurable roof rack allows for installation of cargo boxes and roof racks.
  • Full-time AWD, 8.7″ of clearance.
  • Dedicated snow tires in the winter, all-season tires in the summer

Explore Rentals is the only car rental agency in Bozeman that will guarantee a Subaru Outback rental. Our rental Outbacks are the most fuel-efficient all-wheel-drive SUV on the market; boasting 33-mpg on the highway, and all are partial zero emissions vehicle. Whether you are seeking to save a little money at the pump, or are environmentally conscious, our rental Outbacks are the car for you.

In addition to efficiency, our Outbacks are all ideally suited to Montana conditions. There is a reason that Subaru has the highest percentage of market share in both the Northern Rockies and Alaska- this is because they can handle all conditions Mother Nature has in store.

Our rental Subaru Outbacks boast premium All-Weather-Packages (including heated seats for the winter). They can comfortably fit 4 adults plus luggage and are the perfect choice for 2 plus gear.

We offer 3-classes of Subaru Outback rentals. Super Roadwarriors, Roadwarriors, and Standard. The only difference is in the mileage. Outback Super Roadwarriors are our most affordable car rentals and are typically the best value SUV rentals available in Bozeman. These Outbacks are all 2013 or newer and have over 80,000 miles. Our Roadwarriors are 2015 – 2016 model years with 50 – 80,000miles. Our Standard Outback rentals have less than 50,000 miles. When comparing pricing to our competitors, our Standard Outbacks should be compared to ‘Standard SUV’ or ‘Compact SUV’ class from the Big Box airport companies. However, the Big Box car rental agencies at BZN often use 2wd Ford Escapes in this class that get significantly worse gas mileage and are not nearly as capable (or safe) in Montana conditions.

All of our Outbacks have dedicated snow tires in the winter.

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